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Have you heard an eager owner ask you, “Credit or Debit?” during  your latest credit card processing experience in Durango? They are hoping you say “Debit.”  These savvy business owners are saving up to THOUSANDS of dollars a year!!!!!

Because the risk is minimal with debit credit card processing, a debit card transaction is billed at a much lower discount rate than a credit card transaction. It’s all about risk.  Since a debit card is accessing funds from your customer’s checking account, this is the lowest type of risk transaction.

If the owner gently pushes their Pin Debit machine into your hands before you answer to “Credit or Debit” it’s because they are trying to get the BEST rate by having you punch in your secret PIN number. However, even without the Pin Debit part of this transaction, the merchant (owner) is enjoying the reduced discount rate  from your check card opposed to the higher credit card rates.

Smart Credit Card Processing Durango CO

credit card processing durango co

Receive a free pin debit machine with your account and save money on discount fees.

Depending on the size of the transaction’s ticket (the larger the better) you can save a bunch of money by using the Free Pin Debit Machine we provide.
Pin based debit is usually used by consumers for smaller ticket items covered by the customer’s cash flow.   These items, for example are:  gasoline, lunches, coffee, miscellaneous retail items and a small trip to the grocery store.  Pretty much anything less than $100.  However, if the ticket price is too small, then the transaction fee (set by your representative) + one of the various pin debit network fees, like the interchange, becomes a large percentage of the sale.   As you can see, sometimes you would be better off running the transaction as a non-Pin Debit check card.

We would be happy to illustrate this for you. Request an appointment for a free onsite training for you and your employees. You can maximize your profits by doing a complimentary credit card statement analysis.  There is nothing to loose, but a few moments of time to gather your statements, and everything to gain!

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