As a merchant in Moab, Utah, I process  sales on credit cards. Now familiar games non-local reps play  for a merchant’s business, I know what to look for in a statement. Before, I was paying up to $800 per month in discount fees! Now that I am a Moab Credit Card Processing Rep with All Card Processing, I know to examine a client’s credit card statement and see where we can save.

Invest More in Marketing | Less in Credit Card Processing

This Moab credit card processing business exists to help my clients save money so they can re-invest.  Investing more in a Moab marketing strategy will then help raise revenue. All Card Processing is headed by a world-renowned consultant, Steve Elefant.

A Moab Credit Card Processing Company You Can Trust

Mr. Elefant is the former Chief Information Officer for Heartland Payment Systems and is the former Senior Strategic Consultant at Google. Currently, he is the Chief Strategy Officer at GoPago. All things considered, I implicitly trust Steve’s recommendation to represent All Card Processing as part of my services.

Right here in Moab, you can take advantage of All Card Processing’s team of honest, transparent consultants that will help your business prosper. Their service award winning team are phenomenal and they will give you competitive rates in order to help you grow your business. No doubt, All Card Processing will be the best partner for you and your employees.

moab credit card processing

At the helm of All Card Processing is Stephanie Huber. Of course, she is a veritable encyclopedia of in-depth knowledge and detailed information. Stephanie and her assistant Travis, work hard on your behalf. As her Representative in the field and your liaison to the big credit card companies, they will answer your questions, current client or not.